Three Myths about Abs Busted

Three Myths about Abs Busted

When it comes to getting that perfect ab there are so many myths which are circulating out there so we decided that we will once and for all look at them for you and answer the question on whether or not they are true or false. We do hope that by going through these myths you will be able to make the right decision the next time you are in the gym working out that ab.

The More Crunches You Do the Better
This myth is false. In fact having a perfect ab doesn’t have anything to do with the number of crunches that you do. When it comes to seeing abs it all comes down to fat and for them to be seen you need to 10% of fat. You can easily kill of the fat by replacing the six pack, which is on your fridge right now with some vegetables.

You Need to Work out Your Abs on A Daily Basis
This is also false. Training your abs on a day to day basis will not help with making them more visible as it will not reduce the fat in your body. By working on them on a day to day basis you will reach an overtrained state, which can result into you not visiting the gym at all and as a result it ends up spoiling the process more rather than speeding it up.

You can specifically target your abs with a particular Exercise
The lower abs just like any other exercise usually tends to work in conjunction with the muscles. Despite the fact that they are innervated with several nerves which are different, there is no way that you can specifically target any portion of the abs.

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