Exercise for girls- Butt

Exercise for girls- Butt

Sexy butt can be a need for actresses. All normal girls look for healthy & fit Butt. Lower portion of body should be maintained. If not exercise regularly it spreads unwanted way. This is the most calorie absorbing part with tummy. We can notice put on weight on out tummy easily but weight on but is generally not observed. When we think to wear cutout dress we get surprises.  Will you believe if I say to exercise you don’t need any equipment & you don’t need to do Squat &Lunge for Butt Workout? Yes!! It is possible.

Now you can wear you Cutout dresses! Very soon . Just do these exercise regularly.

1) Sleeping posture exercise: (see Picture ): Lay down one side folding your hand, make it your pillow. Lift your upper leg up rotate it clock wise & anti clock wise (stretch in front, up, back & down full leg rotation). Start it with 7 rounds both side, gradually increase.

2) Half Peacock pose: Lower down on the ground on your knee & put you palm strongly on ground. Lift your one leg up straight. (See picture)

3) Drop the ball: Stand on one leg & drop ball. Now you need to pickup ball by balancing yourself & moving second leg up in the air. (See picture)

4) Push the wall : Its an easy exercise, could be said first stage of your butt exercise. Stand opposite wall & try to push wall by your leg. (See picture)

5)Butt lifting Yoga & maintaining Yoga.

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