Are there exercises to relieve headaches?

Are there exercises to relieve headaches?

There are exercises which are focused to stimulating blood circulation and, therefore, promote oxygenation to the brain. The following are some exercises and stretches that you can perform to get rid of headaches.  Just one piece of advice for them all:  don´t overdue them or you will sprain your muscles which will do nothing to the original problem other than aggravate it.

Scalene stretch. 

Gently move your ear towards your shoulder. Keep it in this position for about 15 seconds. Turn your face to look down to the floor to stretch the posterior scalene and after another 15 seconds turn your face to the ceiling to stretch the anterior scalene. Do the same set on the other side.

Mobility drills on the neck

Perform gentle head tilts going ear to ear to allow joint mobility.  This will help release the tension accumulated in your shoulders, neck, and head. It is a very relaxing exercise. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed all the time and they don´t start to stretch up.  Next, gently tuck in your chin without creating any excessive tension. Go back and forth repeatedly and gently.  If possible, try gliding your head from side to side.  This is a bit of a challenge, but don´t overdo it. Turn your head from one side to the other without tilting your head. You can also try neck circles, which, as the name suggests, consist of rotating your head in a circle.

Neck stretch

We usually focus only on the back of the neck.  To also relieve tension from the throat, open your mouth and tilt your head back. Once your head is back (without collapsing it), close your mouth gently. You will feel a good stretch on your throat. 

A little help with your arm

You can also do some side-tilting of the head, except that this time you can use your arm to help tilt your head a little further. 

Performing these stretches will definitively help release the pain in your head and give you relief. Happy stretching!

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