Fat-rich foods can help you lose weight

Fat-rich foods can help you lose weight

If you thought eating fatty foods cause heart disease, then think again. What you need to be aware of is the type of food you include in your diet and the type of fat it contains.

There are different types of Fats:

  • Good Fats - the kind your body needs and uses for the various body functions.
  • Bad Fats – processed foods and trans-fat that is added to packaged food

Saturated Fats are healthy fats.

Here is the list that will help you reduce your waistline and keep you healthy.

Fat-rich foods

1.     Almonds: You need to consume these every day. They are high in protein and rich in calories, vitamin E, and healthy fats.

2.     Avocado: People consuming avocado have known to have smaller waistlines than those who don’t. It burns fat, is rich in potassium, and is good for your skin! Bakers can replace regular butter with avocado to bake cakes.

3.     Dark Chocolate: Improves the functioning of the heart muscles. It is rich in fibre, iron and other minerals. It lowers blood pressure and improves skin.

4.     Cheese: Rich in calcium, protein, selenium, and vitamin B12. Imagine how a large amount of milk is required to make a small amount of cheese. The nutrients are more concentrated in cheese.

5.     Peanut Butter: Rich in protein, nut butters are a rich source of healthy fat.

6.     Eggs: This protein-rich food is great to build muscles. It has high doses of vitamins and minerals that make it very nutritious.

7.     Coconut: Rich in saturated fats, this super food helps you lower risks for heart-related diseases.

8.     Fish: Great source of proteins, vitamin A, and omega 3, which help build muscle.

9.     Flaxseeds: Rich in fibre, vitamins, and omega 3. They are rich sources of energy.


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