What foods should you eat post-workout?

What foods should you eat post-workout?



This is a protein that restores energy and supports your immune system. A scoop of whey powder has enough protein as a chicken breast! After a workout, this super food will boost your insulin to absorb all the energy stored in your body. If you consume whey as a supplement, you can burn twice as much fat compared to a person who doesn’t. Mix it in polenta, milkshakes, or smoothies!



Eggs are rich in protein - the building blocks of cells. It helps reduce muscle damage. The egg yolk especially is more nutritious that the white of the egg. It has protein and a healthy dose of vitamin D and omega 3. Raw eggs can carry salmonella risk.


After a workout, you not only need proteins, but carbs are just as essential. A portion of sweet potato will give you 3 days worth of Vitamin A that will help retain glycogen levels in your body. The rich source of fibre also helps regulate body excretory functions. Add it in a delicious smoothie.


Cherries are a great source of antioxidants. This helps you fight muscle damage. Therefore, adding some organic cherry juice in your diet will help your muscles to be not so sore after a workout. Package juices have a high dose of sugar and also sodium that causes water retention. You best bet is to juice fresh cherries to get the most benefit.

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